Looking to provide your guests with a beautiful assortment of treats? You've come to the right place! We've made it easy to mix and match our sweets to make your own customized dessert table.  We've also taken the guess work out of numbers, but always remember you know your guests (and their appetites!) better than we do!

Have a pen and paper handy, and follow our simple formula for creating the perfect dessert table!
To start, please write down the following 3 numbers:

a. How many guests are you expecting?

b. How many mini desserts would you like per guest? We recoomend:


  • 1-2 per guest if you'll be purchasing a cake for everyone to eat as well, or if dessert will be after a large meal.


  • 2-3 per guest if you won't be purchasing or serving a cake.


  • 3-4 per guest if these will be the only items to eat at the party, i.e. no meal or other desserts

c. Pick how many desserts you'd like to have represented from the following:

Mini Cupcakes

French Macarons

Sugar Cookies

Chocolate Covered Oreos

Cookie Sandwiches

Cake Truffle Bars

American Macaroons

Now put your numbers in our equation to figure out how many of each item you should order! 
a x b / c = How many of each item to purchase
Your equation should look something like our example:

50 Guests x 3 Mini Desserts per Guest / 4 Types of Dessert = About 38 of each dessert

Your dessert spread may then look something like this if you want to keep your numbers even:

  • 38 Truffle Bars

  • 38 Mini Cupcakes

  • 38 French Macarons

  • 38 Chocolate Covered Oreos



Maybe this if you know your guests LOVE French Macarons and Mini Cupcakes, so you'd like to have more of those:

  • 50 Mini Cupcakes

  • 50 French Macarons

  • 25 Truffle Bars

  • 25 Chocolate Covered Oreos

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